2018 Winter Show Winners

Best of Show Water Media “The Gathering”
by Steven Saylor

Best of Show:

Steven Saylor, Water Media – “The Gathering”







1st Place, Photography “Winter Woods” by Fred Howland


1st     Fred Howland – Winter Woods
2nd    Mary Fischer – Yosemite Falls  
3rd    John Warden, Jr –
Monument Valley
  HM   Deborah Larson –
Looking Sharp


1st Place, Oil “Winter Aspen” by Reta Hanks



1st    Reta Hanks – Winter Aspen
2nd   Candy  Webb –  Overlook Painted Hills   
3rd    Bill Smith – Cindy and Grapes
HM   Peggy Wynne Borgman –
Soberanes Point, Big Sur






1st place ,Acrylic “Fantasy Flower” by Ann Cameron


1st    Ann Cameron –  Fantasy Flower
2nd    Susan Christopher – March Madness 3rd     Anna L. Darden – Maelstrom
HM   Susan Christopher – Mt. Rose






Water Media:

1st      Tara Bay – Bright Angel Winter
2nd     Ellen Warr – Summer End
3rd     Jim Markle – Passing Time
HM   Tara Bay – In for a Landing

1st Place, Water Media “Bright Angel Winter” by Tara Bay

1st place, Digital Art “Skater” by Catherine King




  Digital Art:

1st     Catherine King – Skater
2nd    Richard Ricci – Zoo Two  
3rd     Larry Tingley –
Sand Harbor Blue Moon
HM   Catherine King – The View


1st place, Dry Media “Fox” by Jenny Schnabel


Dry Media:

1st     Jenny Schnabel – The Fox
2nd   Linda Townsend – Wood Pond  
3rd    Bill Smith – American Made
HM  Jenny Schnabel – Wild Owl