2019 Spirit of America

Congratulations to all of the Winners!
Scroll down for the list of winners and photos of the first place winners.

Best of Show 
“In The Camp of His Enemies”
by Pete Bowie

Spirit of America  Award
“American Spirit”
by LaVonne Vasick

1st       “Hope”   by Linda Baxter
2nd      “Forest Moon”  by Susan Fitzsimmons

Mixed Media
1st       “Buried Words”   by Candy Webb
HM      “Friday Night” by Margaret Stillwell
HM      “Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Flies” by Robin Clark 

1st       “A Ray of Light” by  Fred Howland
2nd      “Dusk Down Fifth Avenue” by  Richard Carr
3rd       “Steam Engine” by  Robert Ball
HM       “Yard Art” by  Bruce McDaniel
HM       “Purple Mountain Majesty” by  Fred Howland

1st       “Tremulous Canyon” by Candy Webb
2nd      “First Cutting” by Vickie Kingman
3rd       “Sunset” by Jenny Schnabel
HM       “Peaches” by Gary Helseth

Water Media
1st       “Summer Rein” by Ronnie Rector
2nd      “View from Kingsbury” by Vickie Kingman
3rd       “Spirit of Woman” by Karen Kreyeski
HM       “Nostalgia” by  Laura Lawrence

3D Art
1st       “Jewels of Glass” by  Donna Jensen

1st       “Cubist Reflection“ by  Jim Markle
2nd      “A Barn, Once One”  by  Linda Townsend
3rd       “Breaking Through” by  Robert Ball