Anna Louise Darden

My love of Nature leads me to do pictures of animals and landscapes, however, I also enjoy painting women and am recently having fun trying abstract and collage renderings.
I am continually working and learning. I believe the purpose of life is to be happy and to achieve happiness you must “follow your bliss”.
I am a Member of NAA and the Tahoe Art League. I have received ribbons for many of my works in Judged shows locally.
Making a piece or art is always like putting some of yourself into the picture and “usually” is enjoyable but sometimes may be a bit frustrating also, before the work is finalized. I am currently enjoying working in acrylics and mixed media in an effort to develop a looser more uninhibited style. I am continually working and learning in an effort to make something beautiful, interesting, or thought-provoking through colors and texture.

After studying the work of past artists who have endeavored to strike out with their own style and not be held back by “rules, techniques and traditional values”, I have decided that my process of creating is leaning toward Abstract Impressionism.

Feeling free to do whatever feels good for myself and the piece is my process of creation. I feel the spontaneous and personal expression found in Cubism/Surrealism to be personally satisfying for my particular desires in abstract endeavors.

I have no formal training but have studied under local fine artists. I started in oil, but then moved to pastel and acrylic. I have enjoyed making animal and collage pieces also.

The digital camera has opened many exciting and creative ideas for me. That “little box” has inspired a whole New World of expression for my work. I am “following my bliss”, wondering where it will lead me artistically into the future.

Anna Louise Darden
Carson City, Nevada
(775) 882-0189