Board Officers

You can reach any one of the officers via email:

The elected Executive Board of the NAA for 2020:
2020 NAA Board of Directors 
Each month the names and phone numbers of your Board will be in the Newsletter.  If you have a question please refer to this list to see who might answer your question the best.

Deborah Foster, President – 250-7544
General questions about the Gallery or NAA’s involvement with the community.  Articles for the Newsletter.

Jim Markle, Gallery Director – 815-5856
Getting consignment items into the Gallery and Square database. Getting a replacement if you cannot meet a Hosting requirement.  Training for new members.

Janice Stowers, Secretary – 782-8765
If you would like to get something on a meeting Agenda or inquire about meeting Minutes.

Vickie Kingman, Treasurer – 265-0320
General questions about NAA income and expenses.

Joe Hart, Sales Treasurer – 760-419-3095
Questions regarding commission checks or
if you are Hosting and need more change in the cash box.

Reta Hanks, Program Chairperson – 883-8597
To schedule a demonstration or presentation at a General Membership Meeting.

Marketing DirectorVacant   Promotion of the Gallery, our activities and shows.
If you know of anyone interested in filling this position, please send an email to

Alex Cassimus, Show Committee Chairman – 408-264-4423
Questions regarding show setup and removal, finding judges for shows.

Carol Taylor, Membership Chairperson – 346-0327
Questions on becoming a member, your responsibilities, changing your contact information.

To contact the gallery, please call 775-882-6411
Tuesday – Sunday  12-4pm Closed Mondays