Board Officers

You can reach any one of the officers via email:

The elected Executive Board of the NAA for 2022:

Deborah Foster, President – 775-250-7544
General questions about the Gallery or NAA’s involvement with the community.  Articles for the Newsletter.

Jim Markle, Gallery Director – 775-815-5856
Getting consignment items into the Gallery and Square database.
Getting a replacement if you cannot meet a Hosting requirement. 
Training for new members.

Janice Stowers, Secretary – 775-782-8765
If you would like to get something on a meeting Agenda
or inquire about meeting Minutes.

Rita Miller, Treasurer– 775-742-6878
General questions about NAA income and expenses.

John Warden, Sales Treasurer – 775-219-7494
Questions regarding commission checks or if you are Hosting
and need more change in the cash box.

Laura Lawrence, Program Chairperson – 908-265-0508
To schedule a demonstration or presentation at a
General Membership Meeting.

Debbie Lambin, Marketing Director – 775-781-6894
Questions regarding promotion of the Gallery, our activities and shows.

Vacant, Show Committee Chairman 
Questions regarding show setup and removal, finding judges for shows.

Carol Taylor, Membership Chairperson – 775-346-0327
Questions on becoming a member, your responsibilities, changing your contact information.

To contact the gallery, please call 775-882-6411
Tuesday – Sunday  12-4pm Closed Mondays