Executive Board Positions

NAA Executive Board
The Executive Board of the NAA is elected by the membership annually. The term of office is from January 1 to December 31 and each board member must be an active member of the NAA. Officers will serve without monetary remuneration. A list of duties for each position is provided below. Please consider volunteering for a position on the Executive Board. Just send us an email. You can reach any one of the officers via email:  naacarsoncity@gmail.com

GENERAL DUTIES OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERSThe PRESIDENT shall preside at meetings and shall perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.  The President shall appoint, with the approval of the Board, an officer to fill any vacancy.

The SHOW COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON shall assume the President’s responsibilities in that person’s absence, and shall perform the duties of the presidency. The Show Committee Chairman and the three (3) committee members will be responsible for getting judges for shows, supplying entry forms, setting up and providing workers for show entry days, hanging shows, and perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.

The TREASURER shall be responsible for the final accounting of all N.A.A. monies, shall maintain the accounts of the N.A.A. general funds, savings accounts, and checking accounts.  This officer shall perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office including a monthly accounting of the organization’s income and expenditures.

The SALES ACCOUNT TREASURER shall be responsible for monies generated from sales of the N.A.A. and the distribution of those monies.  Monthly accounting of these monies along with the sales register and their distributions will be given to the Treasurer and Executive Board monthly.

The SECRETARY shall record and transcribe the minutes of all N.A.A. meetings and perform other duties as pertaining to this office.  Draft minutes are to be submitted to the Board for review and final, approved, minutes maintained in a binder at the Gallery.

The GALLERY DIRECTOR is responsible for ensuring that the overall appearance of the Gallery is in good order, training and scheduling of sitters for each shift.

The PROGRAM CHAIRMAN is responsible for arranging demonstrating artists or persons with information pertinent to artists for general meetings.

The MARKETING DIRECTOR is responsible for getting publicity about shows and N.A.A. activities in newspapers and other news media.

The MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN  is responsible for recruiting members in October (at the Nevada Day show change) of each year for the following calendar year.  This position will maintain the membership records and forms on the NAA G-drive, answer questions regarding membership, and maintain a supply of current year membership forms in the Gallery.  This position will mail newsletters and notifications to those members not receiving the newsletter or notifications by email.


  • Meet as determined by the annual calendar approved by the Board.
  • Approve the treasurer and gallery sales treasurer’s monthly reports.
  • Provide a budget for the organization.
  • Provide show and gallery rules, and N.A.A. policies.
  • Establish accounting procedures for the organization.
  • Maintain a constitution.
  • Keep articles of Incorporation current.
  • Have final approval on all capital expenditures for the organization as well as approval of other expenditures that exceed a set monetary value to be determined by the Board’s approved budget.
  • Be totally responsible for the newsletter.
  • Secure all necessary insurance for the organization.
  • Set all fees for the organization, including payment for judges and program presenters.
  • Be responsible for the purchase, upkeep, and storage of all N.A.A. properties needed for exhibiting and coordinate any use of these properties.
  • Approve proposed schedule of shows and featured artists.  These shows and featured artists are to be provided by the Show Committee composed of four people or their designee.  Help with show change activities.
  • Be responsible for all business that pertains to the functioning of the organization.