Executive Board Positions

NAA Executive Board
The Executive Board of the NAA is elected by the membership annually. The term of office is from January 1 to December 31 and each board member must be an active member of the NAA. Officers will serve without monetary remuneration. List of duties for each position is provided below. Three current board members have graciously offered to serve on the board until a member offers to take their positions. Please consider volunteering for a position on the Executive Board. Just send us an email.

All board members can be contacted via our email: naacarsoncity@gmail.com

The newly elected Executive Board of the NAA for 2017:

The elected Executive Board of the NAA for 2017:
Marla Miles, President
Reta Hanks, Acting Secretary, Member at Large
Debbie Foster, Treasurer
Joe Hart, Sales Treasurer
Bob Hickox, Gallery Director
Jean Grinolds, Show Committee Chairman
Steven Saylor, Program Chairman
Anna Louise Darden, Publicity Chairman

To contact the gallery, please call 775-882-6411
Tuesday – Saturday  10am-4pm    Closed Monday


  • Prepares the Agenda for and conducts all meetings of the Association.
    Follows the guidelines of Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Appoints, with the approval of the Board, an officer to fill any vacancy.
  • Responsible to the Membership for the promotion of the Association and the Gallery.
  • Prepares, signs, and issues correspondence on behalf of the Association and the Executive Board of Directors as directed by the Executive Board.
  • Ensures all reporting of the transactions of Association business is made available to the membership either through reports or the minutes of General Member or Executive Board meetings.
  • Attends meetings of community organizations that are affiliated with the Association through membership or art related interest. Reports the content of those meetings to the Board or membership.
  • Attends receptions of affiliated art organizations or other events that may be of interest to the Association.
  • Participates in all Association functions, show changes, attends judging if another officer is unavailable, and is available for Gallery coverage if there is a need, other than standard sitting requirements for show entry.
  • Other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.

Show Committee Chairman:

  • Assume the President’s responsibilities in that person’s absence.
  • Write “Call to artists” and any announcements regarding shows for the newsletter and the website.
  • Secure judges for each judged show.
  • Arrange for workers to work at the Gallery during the show change.
  • Arrange for snacks for the workers during the show change.
  • Set up the gallery day of show change.
  • Make sure there are extra entry forms on hand.
  • Greet incoming artists at show change and make sure their entries are ready for hanging.
  • Be present for the judging and help as needed during the judging.
  • Write up ribbons.
  • Take photos of the winners and type up the results for the website and newsletter.
  • Call all the ribbon winners after each show.
  • Write and mail thank you notes for the judges.
  • Arrange and attend the Artist Reception – which is held one week after the judged
    show openings.
  • Order ribbons as needed.


  • Maintain Gallery checking and savings accounts and debit card.
    When necessary, order checks, show ledger forms and show receipts.
  • Balance monthly Chapter bank statement and checkbook.
  • Produce monthly Treasurer’s Report balance sheet by combining Sales Account information with all other monthly income and expenses. Submit Report to Board of Directors for Newsletter and post copy in Gallery for Members and public.
  • Maintain files for: IRS returns, Secretary of State filing, liability insurance, memberships in other business or arts organizations, show entry logs, donations, deposits, disbursements, utility bills and credit card machine agreement.
  • Collect fees during Show Changes, writes receipts and makes bank deposits.
  • Write checks for meeting demonstrators, show winners and show judges.
  • Pay BAC quarterly for maintenance and copying fees.
  • Write checks to reimburse others for expenses not purchased with debit card.
  • File IRS tax return.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Sales Account Treasurer:

  •  Process sales invoices from the gallery and disburse payments to the artists. This typically requires 5 to 8 hours per month (depending on sales volume).
  • Basic accounting skills and math ability are necessary.


  • Records and preserves the minutes of the Executive Board and general membership meetings.

Gallery Director:

  • Responsible for insuring that the overall appearance of the gallery is in good order.
  • Training new members for working in the gallery.
  • Scheduling sitters as needed.
  • See that items on consignment are properly and equitably displayed. 

Program Director:

  • Arrange presentations to be given at the general members meeting –
    three times per year. The presenter may give a demonstration of their art process,
    a presentation dealing with an aspect of art, i.e., sales, marketing or building or improving a website.
  • Arrange for the equipment the presenter may need such as digital projector,
    white board or easel.
  • Write and send out thank you notes to the presenters.

Publicity Chair:

  • Provide information to local and regional media, newspapers, art publications,
    both printed and internet, and public radio and television regarding NAA activities.
  • Look for opportunities to foster recognition for the NAA.
  • Maintain the small sign board that hangs inside the Artisans store entrance with information about the current show.
  • Assist in setting up the gallery for show changes, receptions and other functions of the NAA.