Nevada Day Show, 2016

Nevada Day Show

The spirit of this show is to showcase Nevada. The artists could have entered any themed piece of art, however the art did not have to be something reflecting Nevada. This is a judged show – Open to members AND Non-Members. This show is one of the largest shows every year for the NAA. More customers come in our doors and more art goes out of our doors!

Special awards…

First Place Winners…

Mixed Media
1st  “The Wranglers” by  Glynnis Miller
2nd  “Heading Home” by Glynnis Miller
3rd  “Wings and Things” by Reta Hanks
HM  “Once Upon a Time” by Ulla Warner
HM  “Nautical Floral” by Ann Cameron

3D Art
1st   “Coral Reef” by Donna Jensen
2nd  “Tahoe Bear” by Diana Michaels
3rd  “Dichroic on stand” by Donna Jensen
HM  “Desert Sand” by Jeri-Lynn DeJonge

1st   “100 years in Nevadan” by Fred Howland
2nd  “Morning” by Fred Howland
3rd   “Millennial” by John Ward
HM  “It’s Ne-VAD-ah not Ne-VAH-Da” by Deborah Larson
HM  “Numaga Dancer” by Jim Barryman – Schafer

1st   “Muk” by Peggy Holsclaw
2nd  “Marilyn” by Carolyn Holt
3rd   “The Morning Man” by Carolyn Holt
HM  “Spring” by Dorrine Sadilek
HM  “On My Way Home” by Linda Townsend

1st  “Dat So La Lee Baskets” by Ruthann Wagner
2nd  “Homestead Virginia City” by Pat Holub
3rd   “Glassware I” by Ronnie Rector
HM  “Flowing” by Leah Madison
HM  “Morning Glory Joy” by JoAnn Wood

1st  “Baby Girl” by Susan Schmid
2nd  “A Winter Day” by Sally Cohen
3rd   “Orange Cart” by Gary HealthSouth
HM  “Meeting” by Leah Madison
HM  “Berkeley Ranch Regional Park” by Carolyn Holt

1st  “Seasoned veteran” by Darcy Tate
2nd  “Ready to Take Fight” by Christy Hollibone
3rd   “Alaskan Ice Road Truckers” by Christy Hollibone
HM  “Spirit” by Abel Medina
HM  “Untitled” Lisa Turner

Dry media
1st  “In the Bitter Cold” by Glynnis Miller
2nd  “Eagle Eye” by Scott Tyzbir
3rd   “Eagle Warrior” by Scott Tyzbir
HM  “Mammoth” by Lowell Henderson