Reta Hanks

I’ve lived in Carson City, NV for over 30 years.  After retiring from my Human Resources position with the State of Nevada and spending some time traveling, I decided it was time to turn more attention to art, a long time passion.  Primarily interested in painting landscapes and various subjects in watercolor, I have turned some of my attention to abstracts which has encouraged imagination and creativity.  I work with very wet watercolor paper, apply pigment, and a journey into the unexpected begins.
The paint takes on a life of its own, sometimes whimsical and dramatic, and I make sure it’s always colorful.
The challenges working in watercolor are endless.  I continually enjoy workshops and seminars that offer new ideas, techniques and most of all, encouragement.  I also enjoy the company of other artists who share their inspirations and accomplishments.
I am a member of the Nevada Artists Association, Mendocino Art Center, Carson Valley Arts Council, and Sierra Watercolor Society. I’ve shown and sold my work at King Street Gallery in Carson City, CVIC Hall in Minden, The Carson City Art Gallery, and Art Indeed in Reno.
Please visit my website and explore: