Leanna Ogle

I am Leanna Ogle, a third-generation Nevadan. I was born and raised in Yerington, NV, and lived there until 2020 when my husband, Tim, and I moved to Spring Creek, NV. I grew up surrounded by strong, artistic women, especially my mom. I painted in oils many years ago and have always wanted to learn how to paint in watercolor. I found a marvelous instructor, Carroll Charlet at the Nevada Museum of Art five years ago. I just recently began to get more serious about my endeavors and figured the only way to improve is to put my stuff out there. Tim and I joined NAA about 18 months ago, and have felt very much welcomed to this group. He and I will be featured artists this September with half of the wall. Tim is a great photographer. 
My email is [email protected] and I am currently working on a Facebook page to showcase my work. I would love to hear from you.