Sharon Randall – Pottery

Alaska:  2912 Saxon Avenue, Fairbanks, Alaska 99709 (summer)
Nevada:  2876 Jackie Circle, Minden, Nevada 89423 (winter)
Phone: 775-721-3461 (cell)   
[email protected]

Pottery has been a big part of my life for the past 36 years. I first started working in clay in 1978 as a leisure activity and soon became “hooked” taking classes, eventually taking over the family room and garage, and finally building a studio in Nevada in 2001 and now in Fairbanks, Alaska five years ago.  Since retirement from the medical field, I am working full time in clay, both functional and Raku artwork. My ceramic studies include many classes at UAA and UAF as well as attending many workshops by nationally acclaimed potters such as Robin Hopper, Dick Lehman, Bobby Siedelman, Joe Winter, Jennifer Allen,  Lana Wilson, Hank Murrow, Sandy Blaine, Don Reitz, Meridith Host and Al Tennant. Japanese historical pottery has greatly influenced my work. My style and forms continue to evolve in response to my life experiences and travels. I utilize both wheel-throwing and hand-building in my work and often combine both.  I am currently teaching classes at my studio in Minden during the winter months and continue to return to Fairbanks in the summers.

Work is made from porcelain or stoneware clay bodies to cone 10 (2350 degrees Fahrenheit) in a gas reduction kiln at each studio.  All my glazes are made from scratch are lead and barium free. All gas-fired pieces are dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. They can be used for baking starting in a cold oven.  Some of my art pieces are Raku fired and strictly non-functional. These will not hold liquids and should not be used for food. They are easily recognized by their black clay body and metallic glazes.  I recently have been able to soda fire with a friend in Girdwood, Alaska and have started on a new journey in clay. My goal is to balance practicality with a sense of fun in my functional work. A successful pot is one that brings a smile to your face or cheers to your surroundings.

For viewing additional work please see my website at which lists local and Alaskan galleries.  Or contact me at [email protected] for studio tours in Nevada in winter and Alaska in summer.