Robin Clark

After spending more than 40 years in southern California, my husband and I moved to Minden, NV in 2012 to be closer to our daughter and 5 of our 7 grandchildren. What a blessing it is to live in this beautiful valley. Being retired I am finally able to pursue my love for the arts. I started by taking a watercolor painting class at WNC, then, added different art media classes as my creative juices began to flow. I continue to work at home making Christmas ornaments, greeting cards, sewing, and many other crafts. Other than playing in my studio, I love to hike! I am also one of the organizers of “A Touch of Class Craft Show” which is a large boutique style craft show at Carson Valley Inn every year in October. The artwork that I make came about with many trials and errors and I have discovered that nobody else does this sort of art. All of my products are handmade using clay and various other products to create the final piece of art that actually looks like leather. I start with frames, boxes and miscellaneous background materials that are recycled. I purchase the various foundation pieces from local second-hand stores, yard/garage sales, and estate sales. I create a piece of art with clay to fit the size of the recycled item, I then refurbish the foundation piece. Every piece I make is a ONE OF A KIND. The majority of my work is western themed but I also do some various “every day” home décor pieces and I am always open for doing custom work. I have sold over 400 works of art and will continue to create as I find just the right foundation piece. You can see some of my art at Or contact me at [email protected]