Susan Principe – Fused Glass

Susan is a native of California and has been working with glass since the 1990’s.  She began working with stained glass and, in 2012, discovered the world of fused glass and has never looked back.  She has participated in classes throughout the Western U.S., always gaining knowledge and techniques needed to expand on her experience in glass and increasing her repertoire of glass pieces. 

Her chosen medium for personal expression in art is ‘warm glass’, also known as kiln-formed glass or fused glass.  Creating decorative or artistic pieces utilizing warm glass is a multi-step process ~ the first step being a vision of a finished piece, followed by much trial and error, eventually achieving a variant of the original vision.  Some of her most favored pieces, in fact, have been the result of an experiment gone awry – what she calls a Happy mistake!  !  In each of her projects, whether a happy mistake or not, Susan strives to find a visually pleasing combination of design and color, perhaps with a bit of practicality thrown in for good measure.