Jackie Cimento

Jackie Cimento has moved from the San Francisco Bay Area and resides in Incline Village, Nevada. Over the years, having primarily done quilting with bright fabrics, when she moved to painting with acrylics, the process quickly engaged her. She likes the immediate results that come from painting with acrylics, and painting is now her passion.

I hope that my paintings convey that joy de vivre that is in my heart when
I paint. I hope too, to pique your imagination to enter into my paintings, to take you to somewhere new, or back to familiar places, or just brighten your spaces. I am happiest when seated at my easel whether I am painting an iconic weathered barn, quirky animals, illuminated flowers, majestic old-growth cedars, or the beauty surrounding me at home here in the mountains or enjoyed while traveling.

Jackie attends workshops and demos and takes classes around North America, bringing her skills to new levels.  She also enjoys painting in studio environments with others and being inspired by their work.  Having learned varying acrylic techniques from all the different artists she encounters, she combines those things she learns that resonate with her to develop her own unique style.

Jackie paints with colors that are brighter than they are in her source image or site, and brush strokes that are looser, softer around the edges and easier on the eye. She layers colors giving her paintings depth and dimension, and the look of an oil painting.

While painting, I try to enhance what I experience out in nature, travel, or in shared photos of others, rather than recreate what a camera lens captures. 
I leave out some of the fine details and change parts of the composition of a photo to let the viewer complete the image in his/her own mind.

Now retired, traveling with her husband Art, is a passion too, especially when she can incorporate her painting into a trip. Jackie loves the differing architecture, lifestyles, cultures, and events she experiences. She tries to capture and share some of them in her paintings.  Jackie varies her topics,
from landscapes to pets to keep fresh by trying new genres.

Capturing that personality of an animal that comes through a photograph and its actions, is personally very satisfying.

Jackie’s work has been seen on the walls of the Nevada Legislature, Nevada Artists Association Gallery, Canvas Café, Copper Cat Studio, and Glasses Wine Bar.  She also has a website:    https://jackiecimento.wixsite.com/mysite 
where her work can be viewed, and where she did an online Charity Event, “Painting for Hope” in 2020 for COVID.  She has a gallery on Daily Paintworks as well. https://www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/jacqueline-cimento-11505 

Given that I am able to spend time doing what I love best, I feel strongly about giving back to the community. 

Jackie can be reached at:  [email protected] or 415-309-4866