Christa McLaughlin

My classes are every Monday and Wednesday from 11-2. I also have Monday night classes from 5-8. The classes are ongoing; I have both beginner and advanced in the same class. Everybody does their own thing so no competition. Classes cost $20 per session; student brings their own supplies. Most of my students paint in oil colors, however, I can teach acrylic or pastel as well. I will send you some examples of my work. the painting of the radishes was done by one of my students, the others are mine.I didn’t understand the artist page. The Devils Post Pile is an oil painting I did. The dog in the snow, as well as the Jack Russell, was recent commissions The Lion was a soft pastel. I am sorry I could only send the picture as attachments. I hope that works. Potential students should phone me before to see if I have room for them.