What day do I pick up my unsold entries from a Show?
Each show in the NAA Gallery goes up on a “Show Change” Day.  This is the first day of a new show and is also the day that you pick up your unsold entries from the last show. These days always fall on Saturday.  When you enter a show, you agree that your artwork will remain in the show until the end.  If you cannot pick up your artwork on the designated day, it will be stored for you.  We do not like to do this for very long due to the potential for damage, so please pick it up at your earliest opportunity.  Unless you make other arrangements with us, artwork not claimed within 45 days after the end of a show will be considered a donation and will become the property of NAA.  This clause is on the entry form you sign when entering a show.

Where do I find the dates for the Shows?
At the end of each year, the schedule for the next year is compiled and put on the website.  Information and dates for shows and other events for the current year are listed. Visit https://nevadaartists.org/  and click on “Schedule”.

How do I price my Art?
Better than hoping you get a good answer from a fellow artist, there is a website called: https://artprof.org/ that has a lot of information and resources.  One particular video on the site has to do with pricing your art
and can answer many of the questions we hear:  https://artprof.org/library/pro-development/business-selling/  

How do I put Consignment Art into the Gallery?
Go to the NAA website    https://nevadaartists.org/ and click on “Membership” then click on “Consignment Requirements”.

What is a Giclée Print?
As a Fine Art Gallery, NAA strives to present high-quality art and prints. 
It isn’t enough to take a picture of your painting with your phone and reproduce it.  Please read the following to better understand what the public expects when you label your print as a “Giclee”:

Making Prints of Your Art
There are standard art prints and Giclée Art prints.  What is the difference? Simply put, a Giclée is a fine art print produced using a high-resolution inkjet printer. They differ from standard prints because they have a higher degree of quality, durability, and value. It involves using a big high-resolution inkjet printer using a pigment-based ink that closely resembles actual paint, which
is archival and has a longevity of 200+ years. The dyes used by the printer are sprayed in a very fine mist giving fantastic saturation, detail and the best in color reproduction.  A standard art print uses a high-quality inkjet but uses lower-cost dye-based inks and cheaper papers that tend to fade and decline very quickly.  Pigment inks should be used for high-quality art prints and dye-based inks for greeting cards and promotional materials.

How to Prepare Your Art for Making Art Prints
Having a professional printer scan your artwork is typically the preferred method. It’s easier, and you get better quality.  They will scan it in a high resolution and will make any necessary adjustments in Photoshop to match your artwork.   
If you are determined to do it yourself, here are a couple of recommendations. If your art is small, scanning at a resolution of at least 300 dpi is preferred and save your file as a TIFF.  If it is larger, you can photograph it.  One option is to use a professional art photographer.  A phone camera is not recommended as the image will not hold up when enlarged and will appear grainy with no crisp detail.  You will need a high-resolution camera (16MP+ is recommended) so you can get a great amount of detail, and a 50mm lens to avoid any distortion. For lighting, if you are doing it indoors and don’t have lights, take photos in a room with the brightest natural light possible. You can photograph outdoors in the shade or on an overcast day. 

How do I sign up to be a Featured Artist?
A Featured Artist Show is an opportunity for our members to display their work on the back wall for the duration of a Member-Only Show.  Each year the sign-up sheet for the Member-Only Featured Artist Shows will be on the Host desk during the month of November. This is the only time we take names for these shows, so be sure to sign up if you are interested in having a show.
Those artists who have not previously been featured will be given priority. Show dates will be assigned and announced in December and will go on the Schedule for the following year and will be posted to the website.

How do I submit Pictures of my art for a Show?

  • Please take photos of your entries and submit to [email protected] before the show change.  We are all volunteers and it is extremely time-saving if you save each photo with the title of the piece and your name. 
    EXAMPLE:  Red Bird In Tree by Sandy Smith 
  • Please label your photo with the same title as on your entry form.
  • After you save the pictures in your files then attach those pictures to an email and send them to us.  If you send them directly from a cell phone you can put the titles in the text of the email. (Unless there is another way to attach titles to phone pictures).
  • When you take your pictures crop out the frames and matting.
  • If possible, take pictures of your work before you frame them under glass to eliminate reflections and glare. 
  • Let us know if you still need help.

What do you do with the Pictures I submit?
Pictures of entries in a show are used to promote the show on Social Media and other outlets, in print or online.  Your name and the title of the entry always accompany your pictures.  In addition to general show promotions
on Social Media, we also announce when an entry of yours sells.

What are the Judged Show Categories and Definitions?
Go to the NAA website https://nevadaartists.org/ and click on “Shows”
then “Art Categories and Definitions”.

How do I sign up to be a Judge?
Email naacarsoncity@gmailcom and let us know you are interested in being
a judge after considering the following criteria.

  1. You are not a member of NAA, are not entering any work to be judged in the show, and if you have previously judged an NAA show it has not been in the last 2 years.
  2. You are a practicing artist with art training/education or have extensive work experience in art-related organizations or galleries so you have an awareness and understanding of techniques and style in various media.

As a judge, you will be one of 3 judges who all judge 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorable mentions for the represented categories (as explained on our website) and for any special and Best of Show awards. There is a $100 stipend for each judge at the end of the judging, which may take about 2 hours. During the duration of the show, you are encouraged to display one of your artworks for sale, which will be exhibited in the “Meet Our Judges Corner” along with a short bio of you, 100 words or less. Judging takes place at the Nevada Art Association Gallery on the Sunday morning following the installation of the exhibit. Shows run for 6 weeks, except for the Nevada Day Show which is longer. Check out the list of judged shows on our website for dates and descriptions.

What are the benefits of being an NAA Member?
Go to the NAA website: https://nevadaartists.org/  and click on “Membership” then click on “Become a Member”.  You will find the benefits of being a member of the Nevada Artists Association and also the responsibilities.

What are the Member Art Pages?
Let us help promote you.  Create or update your bio information and pictures for your Member’s Art Page on our website  http://www.nevadaartists.org.  It’s included in your annual membership.   

We use the information and pictures of your work to create your Members Art page, write articles for the newsletter and from time to time will select bios to showcase on Facebook. The information on writing or updating your bio is currently on the website: http://nevadaartists.org/getting-artist-page-naa-website/
In the meantime take a look at all the Member bios on the NAA website and get to know your fellow members.

Who are the Board Members and who do I ask if I have a question?
Go to the NAA website https://nevadaartists.org/ and click on “Contact Us”.  The names of the current Board Members are listed with their responsibilities to help you contact the right person.  All written inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

When are Commission checks mailed out?
All artist’s sales for a month are tallied at the end of each month.  Commissions are calculated and checks are sent after the first of the following month. If your commission is under $20, the balance will be carried forward until a check can be written for at least $20. The items sold will be listed by item number on the memo line of the check.  It is your responsibility to keep track of which of your items have been sold.

Is the NAA the same as the BAC?
The Brewery Arts Center (BAC) is the business that owns the entire “campus”
at 449 W. King Street, including the Performance Hall to the west at 501 W. King Street.  The Nevada Artists Association (NAA) founded in 1950 is a separate business and leases gallery space from the BAC.  Both businesses have been in continuous operation at 449 W. King Street since 1979.  Membership in either the NAA or BAC does not mean you are automatically
a member of the other.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Revised 4/24