Catherine King

Artist Statement:

My goal is to engage my viewer’s imaginations, getting them to linger a little longer picking out a detail or a story in one of my pieces. First and foremost the reason I create is to tell a story. I have never produced a piece called “untitled” as the title must be the artist’s first clue to the message in a piece.

Every day I venture into an imaginative and aware world, where the smallest thing may trigger what I’ve come to accept as my overactive imagination. ‘Personal projects’ are particularly powerful and revealing, and my images often evolve in series, which naturally stretch and embellish a concept. These pieces all start from behind the lens of a camera (DSLR or mobile), and elements to tell a story are collected and composited digitally using Photoshop and a wide variety of image manipulating softwares.

The decision as to the final printing draws upon a deep love of paper from years spent in the printing industry and each piece is enhanced by the unique properties paper choice imparts to the finished piece. Life for me revolves around the joyous, playful, intense, intentional, and relentless creative process.


Catherine is a digital artist and photographer artist based in Northern Nevada and California, USA. She strives to tell stories through decorative, historical, and inspirational art work. Her work has been described as evocative, accomplished, “world-class” and a “breath of fresh air.” She studied Fine Art at UCLA, Los Angeles, and worked many years in the advertising industry as a graphic designer. Catherine has been a premier member in the online communities of international artists, Photoshop Artistry and AWAKE, Living the Photo Artistic Life, and has been published in the online magazines, “AWAKE – Living the Photo Artistic Life”, “Creative Black and White Photography” and “Somerset Digital Studio.” She was the featured and cover artist for “AWAKE Living the Photo Artistic Life” magazine, June 2015. Catherine has received Special Recognition from the Light. Space, and Time online Gallery. She is also an online educator, and has created online tutorials for AWAKE and and was included in the Light Stalking blog – 21 Pieces of Photo Artistry that will Blow Your Mind, June 2015. Catherine is a member of the Northern Nevada Artist Association. She has published several books of her art, including “Stories from an Overactive Imagination” and “The People Project – Artown for Midtown 2015.” Her most recent work can be seen at and and she can be reached at [email protected].