Janice Stowers

Janice has had a love for Art  Glass for many years. Touring glass blowing facilities in Germany and Switzerland fueled her infatuation with the medium. In 2003 she participated in a glass fusing class in Reno, not realizing she would become totally obsessed with the idea of creating her own designs.
Glass fusing is a unique art form where pieces of glass are cut and assembled then put into a kiln. With the application of intense heat, the glass flows together to create the design. Janice’s studio is appropriately named Serendipity Glassworks, as sometimes the glass takes on a unique form in the kiln and determines its own final design with an unexpected surprising result.
Glass fusing is continual experimentation. It is an amazing medium with unlimited possibilities that she has only just begun to explore.
Janice lives in Minden, Nevada with her husband, Tom, and two adorable miniature schnauzers.