Roland (Ron) Krug

     Ron Krug was born and raised in San Francisco, California.  He has always had an interest in art and while in college painted land and seascapes in oil.   Ron has always enjoyed the outdoors and the wildlife that God created.  In the 1980’s, while still employed, a friend suggested to Ron that he might enjoy carving wood.  His friend even supplied him with a pattern and a piece of wood to get started.  That first push has led Ron to hours of creative enjoyment.

     Although Ron began carving and entering a couple of the statewide competitions in the mid 1980’t, he really did not have the time to devote to his art until he retired.  After Ron and his wife Linda moved to Nevada in 2005, he built a small studio and began applying himself to the art of sculpting birds from wood.  

     Ron seeks to capture the essence of the birds with lifelike poses and of course the true character and colors of the birds.  Self-taught, he carves in basswood or tupelo and paints the birds with acrylic paints.  The eyes are museum-grade glass and the feet are handcrafted. Most of the bases are natural pieces of wood or hand-carved for effect.  Ron has entered numerous carving competitions in California and Washington.  His sculptures have received many first-place ribbons and several best of show awards over the past several years. 

Contact Information

Email:  [email protected]