Maggie Stillwell

We are all tourists on this planet and interconnected with living things,” says Stillwell about her art, indicating that it’s the journey and connections we make along the way that shapes us.

Stillwell currently has a collection of cityscapes available for show that bespeak of ‘Bridging Soulful Intersections’.  While a down-to-earth Southwestern Horsewoman, Stillwell’s paintings tell the story of an etherial world, one found in her dreams.  Her mixed media oil paintings are a Romantic narrative that lean towards abstract expressionism with a mystical and spiritual element.  They are about everyone’s journey to self discovery.

Nevada Artists Association Art Gallery, Carson City, Nevada
Art Gallery at Prism, Minden, Nevada
Artsy Fartsy, Carson City, Nevada
Awards and Recognition
Best of Show Nevada Artists Association Spring Show 2019
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