Getting an Artist Page on the NAA Website

  1. Write a short bio (see below).  Check out how others have done theirs to get some ideas. Be sure to include your contact information so people can reach you (phone number and/or link to your personal website if you have one). It is not possible to sell from the NAA website.  
  2. Submit 6 pictures of examples of your work.  Cell phones take some pretty good pictures if you are careful not to get shadows or reflections.
  3. Email the pictures and the bio to [email protected] and ask to be added to the website.  
  4. Be sure to keep your dues current or your page will be removed. 

Guidelines for Artist Bio

Your artist biography (as opposed to an artist’s statement) should be a summary of significant facts about your art career written in the third person. The bio should summarize the artist’s practice—including medium(s), themes, techniques, and influences. Make sure you keep your artist biography short and
concise with a focused structure, try to stay between 80 and 200 words.

  1. The bio should open with a first line that encapsulates what is most significant about your work.
  2. Introduce yourself with your name, medium, and some background information. This can include where you were born, where you work, and when you first became interested in art. Next, discuss any art training or schooling you had and degrees earned. If none, state you’re self-taught.
  3. Next discuss your exhibitions, awards, and any other professional achievements. Mention if you’re featured in any important collections or prominent art publications, recent shows or important projects you’re working on. End strong with any upcoming exhibitions, residencies, or projects.
  4. Your career is continually developing. Updates are expected. You are welcome to state you are an instructor and teach classes and for details direct the reader to your personal website.
  5. Keep in mind, this is a business document, not an autobiography. The emphasis should be on what you have achieved in your art career and your professional credentials. Avoid writing about your personal experiences and family, unless they have a direct relationship with your art.  When you write about your inspiration please attempt to keep it in general terms when it relates to religious, social, or political influences.  You may direct the reader to your personal website where they can read your artist’s statement or in more depth about your beliefs as they relate to your artwork.
  6. Nevada Artists Association reserves the right to edit your artist bio for grammatical errors, appropriate language, and any additional context outside the guidelines stated.

Image Preparation for the Website:

We will gladly post six (6) photos of your work with your Bio on your Artist web page. 

Digital image files must meet the following specifications:

  1. Please edit your photos the way you want them to appear on the web i.e. make it a little lighter.
    We do not make edits to your photos.
  2. Crop your photos so the frames do NOT show – you want your work to be the “show”.
  3. NAA may crop your images for formatting purposes.
  4. Label each Image with: Your Last name, First name, Title of the piece and the Medium.
    Example: DoeJaneRosesareRedacrylic.jpg. Please note that the file name will be the name under your photo on the website.

No resale or exchange of images will occur by the NAA. All images contained herein or attached to
this website are the property of the artist and the artist retains the sole copyright and all applicable rights
to said images.