2024 Winter Show Winners

2024 Winter Show Winners
Best of Show – “Winter’s Quiet Voice”, Watercolor by Don Fotine

1st     – “Christmas Creek” by James Parker
2nd     – “Mendocino Afternoon” by Mark Tompkins
3rd     – “Zephyr Sunrise” by James Parker
HM   – “Study for Where to Next” by Cheridah Ann Spaulding 
HM   – “Moose Pond” by Mike Bond

1st      – “A Good Dog, Stay” by Susan Christopher
2nd       – “My Old Phone” by Renae Rodriguez
3rd        – “Tracker” by Margaret Stillwell
HM   – “Nature in the Wild” by Pam Brekas
HM   – “Half Dome in Winter” by Gary Wilson

1st      – “Early Hour” by Colleen Reynolds
2nd       – “The Sound of Thunder” by Ronnie Rector
3rd        – “Hidden in Plain Sight” by Colleen Reynolds
HM   – “Sam and Gigi” by Laura Lawrence

1st      – “Hello There” by Bonita Paulis
2nd       – “Low Water Shoreline” by Bonita Paulis
3rd        – “Bedtime” by Bonita Paulis
HM   –  “Radiant Flame” by Mariann Humphrey

Dry Media
1st      – “A Snowy Walk” by Michelle Bowler
2nd       – “Gizmo” by Lorraine Foster
3rd        – “Wolf in Snow” by Lorraine Foster

3-D Art
1st      – “Hickory Bowl with Segmented Accents” by Roger Meyer
2nd       – “Mandala Dot Ceramic Plate” by Ann Allen
3rd        – “Alice and Friend” by Liza Obukhovskaya
HM   – “Unknown #2” by Robin McGregor

1st      – “Uncommon” by Andrew Strom
2nd       – “Stones Throw” by Mike Masters
3rd        – “What does the Fox Say?” by Kim Hunter Steed
HM   – “Sierra Snow – Mt. Tom” by Dick Carr
HM   – “Aspen Snows” by John Warden

Mixed Media
1st      – “Wise and Watchful” by Audrey Markowitz by Audrey Markowitz
2nd       – “All Fluffed Up” by Pam Brekas
3rd        – “I Wonder” by Pam Brekas

Wet Media
1st      -“Henriette and her Crayons” by Ronnie Rector
2nd     -“Never Ending” by Robin Clark
3rd      -“Derelict House, Jericho 1” by Cheridah Ann Spaulding

1st      -“Cal’s World” by Suzie Slaybaugh
2nd     -“Colors of Winter” by Liza Obukhovskaya
3rd     -“Bunny Hides in Daisies” by Catherine King
HM    -“Cornucopia” by Ralph Hacker