Spirit of America Show 2023

Congratulations to Robert Bucknell. His oil, “American Beauty” was awarded Best of Show from the Spirit of America Show which runs until July 28 @ the Gallery.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who entered.  The judges commented on the quality of technical expertise in the show, that it was a great show and difficult to judge and all the photos were deserving of an award. 

Spirit of America –“Reverence”, pastel by Michelle Bowler

1st – “Wild & Free” by Kim Hunter Steed
2nd – “Monument Valley” by Sandra Swan
3rd – “The Light in Your Eye” by Andrew Strom
HM – “Milky Way Over Bodie” by Kim Hunter Steed
HM – “Pendleton Bartender” by Rielynn Lunde
HM – “Peek-a-Moo” by Vivian Powers
HM – “Mother Love” by Kathy Port
HM – “Morning Mirror” by Heather Nicole
HM – “Fierce” by Andrew Strom
HM – “Color Reflections” by Kathy Port

1st – “Wild Spirits” by Michelle Bowler
2nd – “American Spirit” by Linda Townsend
3rd – “Just a Peek” by Mariann Humphrey
HM – “Florida Lake” by Linda Townsend
HM – “Mixed Fruits” by Mariann Humphrey

1st – “Free Spirit” by Milton Matlean
2nd – “Bear on Taylor Creek” by Gary Wilson
3rd – “Looking for Shade” by Jon Bunch
HM – “Innocent Hope” by Mark Tompkins
HM – “Magic of the Medicine Hat” by Tori Bowlin

Dry Media
1st – “Freedom” by Tracey Goff
2nd – “Lean on Me” by Michelle Bowler
3rd – “Fur Baby” by Lorraine Foster
HM – “Play Time” by Lorraine Foster
HM – “Treasured Moments” by Lorraine Foster

1st – “Stealing Fire from Heaven” by Don Fotine
2nd – “Thin Ice” by Mark Tompkins
3rd – “Grand Canyon Door” by Cheridah Ann Spaulding
HM – “Mark Twain Desk-Virginia City, NV” by Cheridah Ann Spaulding
HM – “Thistle in Bloom” by Rhema Cruson
HM – “Dragon Alley, San Francisco” by Ronnie Rector

Textile and Fiber Arts
1st – “Watchful Eye” by Rita Miller
2nd – “Queen Anne’s Lace” by Liza Obukhovskaya
HM  – “Spring in the Desert” by Constance Peters
HM – Summer Peonies” by Liza Obukhovskaya
HM – “Red Poppies” by Liza Obukhovskaya

1st – “Where the Buffalo Roam” by Teri Sweeney
2nd – “Pronghorn” by Tracey Goff
3rd – “Sierra Glow-Hope Valley” by Mark Harris
HM – “The Great One-Denali” by Milton Matlean
HM – “Hope Valley Day” by Mark Harris
HM – “Kona Coffee, waiting for the Brew” by Cheridah Ann Spaulding

Mixed Media
1st– “Star Spangled” by Carol Taylor
2nd– “Intrigue” by Pam Brekas
HM – “Purification of the Soul” by Kriss Bachofner
HM – “Sage” by Irene Taylor

Digital Art
1st – “The Journey” by Alexandra Sprock
2nd – “Safe Harbor” by Catherine King
3rd – “Star Dancer” by Steven Davis
HM – “Three Sails at Sunset” by Constance Peters

1st – “Native American Spirit” Tintype by Rielynn Lunde
2nd – “Religious Freedom: Roadman’s Bandolier” 3D jewelry by Rita Suminski
HM – “Maple Pot” Wooden pot by Craig Steele
HM – “Snowy Egret” Linocut on handmade papyrus  by Sandra Swan