2023 Nevada Day Show

The Reception and Awards Presentation will be Sunday, November 5
from 2-4pm.  There will be light refreshments and the public is invited.
The show is wonderful, with over 160 pieces! Please bring your friends and family. Congratulations to all the winners!

Nevada Day Show – October 21 – December, 2023
Best of Show
– “Final Taste Test”, Oil by Walter Daniels
Spirit of Nevada Award – “Jolly”, Pastel by Thaleia Georgiades
Pat Holub Award – “Power of Now”, Dry Media by Michelle Bowler

1st – “Home on the Range” by Kim Hunter Steed
2nd – “Rodeo Chief” by Kim Hunter Steed
3rd – “Rotary Clock” by John Warden
HM – “The Sky Unseen” by Dick Carr
HM – “Hawk in Tree” by Wendy Whyman

1st -“Old Barn in Genoa” by Linda Townsend
2nd -“Heaven’s Blush” by Thaleia Georgiades
3rd – “Chamisa” by Thaleia Georgiades

1st – “China Moon, USS Los Angles, CA” by Wayne Scarpaci
2nd – “Whimsy” by Pam Brekas
3rd – “Nature Conservancy” by Kristi Young-Frazee
HM – “Bear Cubs” by Jackie MacNair

Dry Media
1st – “Power of Now” by Michelle Bowler
2nd – “Nevada Wild Horse” by Lorraine Foster
3rd – “Nevada Still Life” by Lorraine Foster

1st – “Power of Pawsitivity” by Katie Rosenquist                                  
2nd – “Value of Trees” by Colleen Reynolds
3rd – “Aurora, NV-Gold District” by Milt Matlean
HM – “Seven Sisters” by J. Renee Ekleberry
HM – “Stephanie’s Dream” by Doug Beverly

3D Art
1st – “Carnival” by Liza Obukovskaya
2nd – “Calumet:  1850” by Rita Suminski
3rd – “Fanciful Geometric” by Connie Hunt
HM – “I’m a little Teapot” by Sharon Randall

1st – “Boys on Break” by Tracey Goff
2nd – “Reconciliation” by Candida Webb
3rd – “Autumn Splendor” by Mark Tompkins

Mixed Media
1st– “Ceremony” by Jay Foremaster
2nd– “Filtered Light” by Pam Brekas

Digital Art
1st – “Some Blue Sky Above Carson River” by Constance Peters

1st – “Winter is Coming” by Liza Obukhovskaya
2nd – “Euphoric Spirits” by Kriss Bachofner