Summer Show July 30- September 10

The winners of the judged Summer Show have been announced.  Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who entered.   Invite your friends and family to join us for the Reception and Awards Presentation at the gallery on August 6 from 2-4pm.  Light refreshments will be served.  In addition, the ballots were counted and the winner of the People’s Choice award for the Spirit of America Show is also on display: “American Beauty” by Bob Bucknell.

Summer Show – July 30, 2023

Best of Show – “Make a Wish”, pastel by Michelle Bowler

1st – “Dawn Flight of the Sandhill Crane” by Mitch Palmer
2nd – “8 Seconds” by Kim Hunter Steed
3rd – “The Core Rises” by Dick Carr
HM – “Hunger” by Andrew Strom
HM – “Ponca New Moon” by Kim Hunter Steed
HM – “Milky Way at Monument Valley” by Sandra Swan
HM – “Clarion Call” by Dick Carr
HM – “Monument Valley Evening” by John Warden

1st – “One Calm Day” by Linda Townsend
2nd – “Pretty in Pink” by Mariann Humphrey
3rd – “Waiting for the Train” by Linda Townsend
HM – “Sunrise” by Linda Townsend

1st – “Out of the Mist” by Don Fotine
2nd – “Experimental” by Pam Brekas
3rd – “Hill Song” by Don Fotine
HM – “Essence of Life” by Don Fotine
HM – “Lake Lorraine” by Gary Wilson

1st – “Majestic Elk” by Milton Matlean
2nd – “Cow Girls” by Tina Forkner
3rd – “Room with a View” by Tina Forkner
HM – “Perfect Balance” by Rhema Cruson
HM – “Balinese Garuda” by Rob Jennings-Teats
HM – “Carson Ranch Milk Barrel” by Cheridah Ann Spaulding

Dry Media
1st – “Summer at Columbus Circle” by Michelle Bowler
2nd – “Dog and Butterfly” by Michelle Bowler
3rd – “Waving in the Wind” by Margie Leslie
HM – “Dolly Llama” by Margie Leslie
HM – “Peek-a-boo Pooch” by Lorraine Foster

1st – “The Burro Family” by Mike Bond
2nd – “Tahoe Shores” by Tracey Goff
3rd – “Nevada State Fair” by Diana Uzzell
HM – “Virginia City Parade” by Mike Bond
HM – “Roan Cowhorse” by Tracey Goff

Wet Media
1st – “Fish Nets” by Reta Hanks
2nd – “Lake Tahoe” by John Denton
3rd – “Pyramid Lake” by John Denton

Mixed Media
1st– “Orchids in Eden” by Sandra Swan
2nd– “Bird Watching 101” by Audrey Markowitz
3rd – “Note to Self…” by Michelle Fox

3-D Art
1st – “Flower Yellow Tray” by Ann Allen
2nd – “Jewelry Box” by Ann Allen
3rd – “My Ride” by Ralph Hacker

1st – “Morning on Hwy 88” Felted wool by Liza Obukhovskaya
2nd – “Dual Mesas” Digital art by Catherine King
3rd – “Summer Bunny” Felted wool by Liza Obukhovskaya