2023 Winter Show

Best of Show – “City Shadow in Snow”, acrylic by Karen Kreyeski

Winter Show – February 12, 2023

1st – “Stillness” by Heather Nicole
2nd – “Land’s End Night Sky” by John Warden
3rd – “Monument Valley No. Window #1” by Dennis Cook
HM – “Hands of a Cowboy” by Constance Peters
HM – “V & T #25” by Kim Hunter Steed

HM – “Wash Monte Cristo Range” by Will Barber
HM – “Thick as Pea Soup” by Vivian Powers

1st –  “Snow Cradle, Charity Valley” by Bonita Paulis
2nd – “A Winter Day, High Sierra” by Bonita Paulis
3rd –  “Winter Time in Genoa” by Linda Townsend
HM – “Wild Horses in Nevada” by Linda Townsend 

1st – “Hard Times” by Milton Matlean
2nd – “Searing Sky” by Arwen Amie
3rd – “Lonely Forest” by Arwen Amie
HM – “Snow Trek” by Evan Johnson 

Dry Media
1st – “Best Friends” by Michelle Bowler
2nd – “Be Yourself” by Michelle Bowler
3rd – “Dreaming of Summer” by Michelle Bowler

1st – “Job’s Winter” by Irene Taylor
2nd – “Curious” by Teri Sweeney
3rd – “Hiking with JC” by Laura Lawrence
HM – “Red Queen” by Katie Rosenquist 

3D Art
1st – “Enigma” by Ralph Hacker

2nd – “Painted Rock” by Robin McGregor
3rd – Glass Dance Bandolier, ca 1890” by Rita Suminski

1st – “Nummer Acht” by Robert Bucknell

2nd – “Red Rose Bouquet” by Teri Sweeney
3rd – “Reflecting Pool” by Teri Sweeney
HM – “Our Lady of the Red Hot Chili Peppers” by J. Renee Ekleberry 

Mixed Media
1st– “Solitude” by Natalie Young

2nd– “El Hombre Rojo-Old San Juan P.R.” by Sandra Swan
3rd – “Fantasy Forest” by Pam Brekas
HM – “Kitten in Blue” by Sandra Swan
HM – “Meditation on Peace” by J. Renee Ekleberry
HM – “Van Gogh’s Vase” by J. Renee Ekleberry

Digital Art
1st – “Barn Owl in a Van Gogh Sky” by Constance Peters

2nd – “Flamingo Jamboree” by Catherine King
3rd – “American Eagle” by Steven Davis

1st – “All Aglow” by Irene Taylor

2nd – “Lots of Hearts, Loads of Love” by Constance Peters
3rd – “Winter House” by Liza Obukhovskaya