Photographers and Digital Artists – New definitions/criteria for photography and digital art are in effect at the NAA.

Is it photography or digital art?  The executive board of the NAA will be using the following definitions to determine whether an art piece should be classified as photography or digital art.

Photography: Photographic image (s) captured by the artist. Maybe digitally enhanced but no digital generated images or renderings, digital painting, or images not taken by the artist.
By this definition and artist would be able to combine images in photography, use Photoshop, enhance, or change a photograph, but would not be able to use digital non-photographic images or renderings.

 Digital art: Digital Art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology is essential part of the creative presentation process. It is typically a compilation of multiple photographs, sophisticated photo collages brought together and enhanced through a wide range of techniques. The images used in the composition do not necessarily have to be created by the artist; however the artist must have permission to use images in the composition.

People’s Choice Award

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