Carol Brown

My Artistic Mission Statement:
to continue learning, expanding and promoting my art to the public
through exhibits, teaching workshops, and sharing my passion for
Japanese Woodblock Printing (mokuhanga = wood print), hand-made
paper, and Artist’s Books.
Please visit my website:

In 2008, Carol Brown participated in a three-week invitational graphic art
workshop, “Back to Basics”, at the Basel School of Design, Basel,
Switzerland. She earned a Certificate in Print-making from the Glassell
School of Art, associated with the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Texas;
and a B.S. in Clothing and Textiles, Oklahoma State University. The
Nevada Arts Council awarded her Jackpot Grants in 2003, 2007, 2009,
and 2017. Her art is in private and permanent collections including
Renown Health Art Gallery, Western Nevada College, Wally World, and St.
Mary’s Art Center. Carol shows her work in solo and group exhibitions and
sells her art through Ryrie & Me in Reno, Nevada.

I find my ‘Zen’ while printing Japanese woodblocks, moku-hanga, [wood-
print]. Flowers, nature, Japanese design and culture inspire me. The

images begin as drawings carved into wood and printed by hand. I use
traditional Japanese tools and papers in this process. The editions are
small, hand-pulled original works of art which I sign and number.
A few years ago, when I was hanging art, I fell, broke my arm and could not
carve wood. As I recovered, I could only print colors on flat pieces of wood,
cutting these colors into shapes with a stencil-knife [kiri-e], and creating
collages. During this time, I also began to make hand made-hand bound,
artist’s books with covers from carved woodblocks.
“Art begets Art”, a quote from my watercolor teacher, Arthur Turner, guides
me. For me to grow as an artist, it is important that I observe life, reflect
upon it, make changes and take risks in my work. Today, I am creating an
edition of ehon books with moku-hanga prints.