People Choice Awards

People’s Choice Awards 

The Nevada Artists Association has show changes approximately every 6 weeks.
Each show we encourage our visitors to vote for their favorite art on display. 

New Years Show January 8 – February 17, 2017


“Wine Time in Carson Valley”
by Nancy Clarke





Road To the Future Show

“Corner of Musser and
Carson Street”

by Tara Bay


Winter Show….. February 19 – March 31

Spring Has Sprung Show….. April 2 – May 12

Landscape Show…. May 14 – June 23

Spirit of America Show….. June 25 – August 4

Photography Show….. August 6 – September 8

Autumn Show….. September 10 – October 20

Nevada Day Show….. October 22 – January 5, 2018

2016 Winners Nevada Day Show

“Lets Go Home” by Walter Daniels

“Spirit of America” Show, 2016 – Michael Millermichael-miller-spirit-of-america-2016-peopels-choice

Photography Show
“Two Tone Barn” by Michael Black


People’s Choice Award – July 30, 2016:
Alice Winslow’s “Morning Mist”

“Imagination” Show – Catherine King

"Mountain Checkmate" By Catherine King

“Mountain Checkmate” By Catherine King

Learn about Catherine and her art, click here

“Spring Has Sprung” Show – Nancy Giannini

Nancy Gianini Spring has Sprung 2016

Touring the Back Roads by Nancy Giannini

Learn about Nancy and her art, click here

Winter Show 2016 – Rita McFadden

Rita McFadden Spring Has Sprung 2016 Peoples Choice

Rite McFadden