2020 Nevada Day Show

Photography 1st – “Home Means Nevada”, by J. Renee Ekleberry
2nd – “The Last Leaves of Fall”, by Fred Howland
3rd – “New Morning”, by Todd Paige
HM – “It’s Curtains”, by Dick Carr
HM – “Past Memories”, by Kathy Port

Dry Media 1st – “Fall Arrived”, by Mary Kay Kaluza
2nd – “In the Garden”, by Tara Clements

Water Media 1st – “My Trekkies”, by Colleen Reynolds
2nd – “Purple Moon”, by Reta Hanks
3rd – “Autumn Sunflowers”, by Rob Jennings-Teats
HM – “Faithful Elephants”, by Ruthann Wagner
HM – “Beg Your Pardon”, by Colleen Reynolds

3D Art 1st – “Soaring the Sierra”, by Tom Stowers
2nd – “Yahzi-Navajo ‘Little One’”, by Elizabeth Wright
3rd – “The Last Stand”, by Ralph Hacker
HM – “Friends”, by Donna Jensen

Pastels 1st -“Hope Valley in the Fall”, by Linda Townsend
2nd -“Chelsea”, by Linda Townsend

Oil 1st – “Fall Reflections”, by Alice Winslow
2nd – “Rice Terraces”, by Lynn Carrigan
3rd – “High Sierra Summer”, by Ronnie Rector
HM – “Lake of Rise and Fall”, by Candy Webb

Acrylics 1st – “Nevada Morning”, by Taylor Lambert                              
2nd – “Western Speedster”, by Jon Bunch
3rd – “Radiance – Lamoille, NV”, by Deborah Stevenson
HM – “Toxcisity”, by Sophia Balliet

Mixed Media 1st– “Our Love is Timeless”, by Audrey Markowitz
2nd– “Tahoe at Dusk”, by Abe Medina
3rd – “Spring Essence”, by Pam Brekas

Other HM – “Spirit of Abe Curry”, digital art by Jim Markle
HM – “Happy Cow”, mosaic by Elizabeth Wright