2021 Nevada Day Show

Best of Show – “Comin at Ya”, photography by Kim Hunter Steed
Spirit of Nevada Award – “Grass Becomes Gold in Nevada”, oil by Bonita Paulis
Pat Holub Award – “TBD”

1st – “Passages” by Shane Trotter
2nd – “Sunset at Race Track” by Dick Carr
3rd – “Classic Nevada” by Shane Trotter
HM – “8 Seconds” by Kim Hunter Steed

1st – “Morning at the Pumphouse” by Bonita Paulis 
2nd – “Down the Lane in Markleeville” by Linda Townsend
3rd – “Five Trees” by Linda Townsend
HM – “Chaparral Sunset” by Bonita Paulis
HM – “The Lone Wolf” by Ruthann Wagner

1st – “Nevada Matriarch” by Karen Kreyeski                            
2nd – “Western Morning” by Taylor Lambert
3rd – “The Last Apple” by Renae Rodriguez
HM – “Serenity” by Evan Johnson
HM – “Pink Sunflowers” by Renae Rodriguez
HM – “The Wee King” by Renae Rodriguez
HM – “Mix it Up-Diptych” by Pam Brekas

Dry Media
1st – “Ain’t Afraid of Hard Work” by Nancy Bargman
2nd – “Social Security” by J. Renee Ekleberry
3rd – “Horse” by Jennifer Schnabel

Water Media
1st – “Fountain Head” by Colleen Reynolds
2nd – “Rabbit Brush Run” by Colleen Reynolds
3rd – “Bishop Mountain” by Ruthann Wagner
HM – “Moon Shadow” by Sheri Greves-Neilson
HM – “Stirring the Pot, study” by Colleen Reynolds
HM – “#Why Carson Valley” by Dana Robbins Childs
HM – “Golden Bee” by Kim VanZyll
HM – “Rooster Sketch” by Sheri Greves-Neilson

3D Art
1st – “A Tale of Two Pugs” by Debbie Lambin
2nd – “Battle Born” by Robin Clark
3rd – “Felted Wonderland w/Gnome” by Kim VanZyll

1st – “Benton Notch” by Candy Webb
2nd – “Peaceful Afternoon I” by Mary Purdy Gmuender
3rd – “A Farm in Winter” by Howard Friedman

Mixed Media
1st- “Magical Ascension” by Roxane Gleghorn
2nd- “Pug A Licious” by Debbie Lambin
3rd – “Nevada Cowboy” by Nancy Bargman
HM – “Dia de los Muertos” by John Warden, Jr
HM – “Ghost Dancing at Snake River Cut- Hells Canyon”
          by  J. Renee Ekleberry