2021 Spirit Of America ~ Judged

Spirit of America Show – June 20, 2021

Spirit of America – “Together“  Other (Felting) by Liza Obukhovskaya


1st – “Lessons in Pride” by Cindy Whitaker

2nd – “Lessons in Wire” by Cindy Whitaker

3rd – “Ice Peaks” by Dick Carr

HM – “Rosy Glow” by Lauren Arends

HM – “Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses” by Shane Trotter

Dry Media

1st – “The Sentinel” by Sheri Greves-Neilson

2nd – “Sweet Tater” by Sheri Greves-Neilson

3rd – “Home of the Brave” by Tara Clements

Water Media

1st – “Bighorn Lambs Frolicking” by Rob Jennings-Teats

2nd – “American Basket” by Laura Lawrence

3rd – “Light Walkers” by Colleen Reynolds

HM – “4th of July Blues” by Ronnie Rector

HM – “Happy Days Launch” by LaVonne Vasick

HM – “Birds be Warned” by Colleen Reynolds

3D Art

1st – “Westward Ho” by Ralph Hacker

2nd – “Forty-niner” by Bob Hickox

3rd – “Shield and Eagle” by Donna Jensen

HM – “God Bless America” by Robin Clark


1st -“Days End” by Alice Norton

2nd -“Hawks” by Alice Norton

3rd – “Dancing Through the Daisy” by Linda Townsend

HM – “Golden Path” by Amy Wachtel


1st – “The Road to Remote” by Candy Webb

2nd – “Devine Flower” by Amy Wachtel

3rd – “Red Mountain” by Howard Friedman

HM – “Pink Old Fashioned Roses” by Tina Tyrrell


1st – “Hope” by Karen Kreyeski

2nd – “Floral Magic” by Pam Brekas

3rd – “An American Cowboy II” by Lori Mogab

HM – “Evil Mermaid” by Crystal Lee Blanchard

HM – “Gone Fish’n” by Gary Wilson

Mixed Media

1st– “Rhapsody” by Audrey Markowitz

2nd– “Metallic Floral” by Pam Brekas

3rd – “Transition” by Pam Brekas

HM – “Primary Mari” by Jerry Hill


1st – “Abstract” by Liza Obukhovskaya

2nd – “View Valley” by Liza Obukhovskaya