2021 Summer Show

Summer Show – August 1, 2021

Best of Show – “Summer Rein“ by Ronnie Rector

1st – “Mt. Fuji” by Wyn Knapp
2nd “Checkered Skipper” by Edith Isidoro-Mills
3rd – “The Picnic” by Dick Carr
HM – “Denali Sunrise” by Dick Carr

Dry Media
1st – “Silly Basset Hound” by Lorraine Foster
2nd – “Upon Reflection” by Audrey Markowitz
3rd – “Be Happy” by Lia Verkade
HM – “It’s Not the Same” by Pam Brekas

Water Media
1st – “Keeping Watch” by Ruthann Wagner
2nd – “Dream Catcher” by Colleen Reynolds
3rd – “Chinese Pheasants” by Bob Hickox
HM – “Water’s Edge” by Colleen Reynolds

3D Art
1st – “Needle felted Kangaroo with Joey” by Dawn Port
2nd – “Every Flower” by Robin Clark
3rd – “Sailfish” by Donna Jensen
HM – “Ancient Times” by Kristy Dial

1st -“Patch and Molly” by Linda Townsend
2nd -“Spring Flowers” by Linda Townsend
3rd – “Old Barn in Bodie” by Linda Townsend
HM – “Hooter” by Alice Norton

1st – “Pacific Wonders” by Gary Wilson
2nd – “Holding Tight to Mom” by Brenda Lee Malone
3rd – “Green on Green” by Howard Friedman
HM – “Our Tribe” by Lori Mogab

1st – “East Valley” by Taylor Kaye Lambert
2nd – “Smoke on the Valley” by Taylor Kaye Lambert
3rd – “Firelight Fire Flight” by Pam Brekas
HM – “Quietude” by Deborah Stevenson

Mixed Media
1st– “Flower Girl” by Liza Obukhovskaya
2nd– “Ecclesia (Latin:  All)” by J. Renee Ekleberry
3rd – “Narcissus” by Catherine Sobredo
HM – “Taos” by Catherine Sobredo

1st – “Summer” by Liza Obukhovskaya
2nd – “Pelicans” by Irene Taylor
3rd  – “Still Life” by Liza Obukhovskaya
HM – “Dreaming of Mt. Fuji in the Springtime” by Carol Brown