Pat Casagranda – Fused Glass

Patricia (Pat) Casagranda, is a native of Wisconsin and moved to Nevada in 2002.  In her career life, she focused on the teaching, corporate education, process engineering, and quality development; that was the left side of the brain.   She has been interested in art forms including: sketching, painting, and sculpture. However, the artistry of glass and primarily glass fusion has focused her artistic efforts. She has been taking classes and studying the art form since 2005.

In fused glass projects, there are a huge variety of techniques and variables that can create unusual effects of depth, texture, and color.  This can be done with recycled materials, molds, specialized tools, and high-quality glass. Each project is unique and yet serves a function.

Pat lives and creates in the Washoe Valley with her husband, Bob, near Slide Mountain and Washoe Valley State Park; one of Nevada’s beautiful places. She sells her glass pieces at the NAA Gallery and other limited local venues.

You can reach Pat at [email protected]