CC Open Studios Tour

Planning for the 2023 Carson City Open Studios Tour (OST) has begun. 

The 2023 OST will be held on May 13-14. Applications and fees will be accepted until February 27.   Photos of artwork must also be received by February 27.  See the application for details.

This two-day event will be held in artists’ homes or their business studio locations in Carson City.  Artists without studios may share space with other another artist in their home or business studio location or they may request to be assigned to one of the additional locations arranged by OST.  
It is suggested that all OST locations be indoors.  Artists must agree to exhibit on both days from 10am-4pm.

Artists will be required to do their own setup and take down and provide their own grids, racks, shelves or other display materials.  Artists will be responsible for their own pricing, sales and sales tax reporting.  OST and NAA will not collect a commission.  Artists will be given signs to direct the public to their OST location and artists will be required to keep track of the number of visitors and report this information to the OST Coordinator.

Printed promotional materials will be provided to artists and each artist will be given an allotment and asked to pass them out to people and places to help promote the event. Think about leaving them at your hair salon, dentist and doctor’s office, veterinarian’s office, favorite restaurant, with your child’s teacher and where you work or volunteer.  This event will be promoted on Facebook and Instagram and will be put into event listings with Carson Now and a few other places that are in the works.   Anytime you can promote or share the event will help with its success.

Brochures will be available prior to the event at the Nevada Artists Association Gallery and on the NAA website:  The brochure will list the artists on the tour by location on a map and will have photos of each artist’s work along with your contact information (email, social media sites, and website).

If you have any questions please contact the Carson City Open Studio Tours Coordinator:

Deborah Foster
[email protected]