2020 Winter Show – Judged

Best of Show
“Morning” by Fred Howland

List of winners in the Judged Winter Show 
Congratulations to all of the winners! Click on the medium to see the art

1st      – Gary Helseth, “Aspen Leaves”
2nd     – Gary Helseth, “Grapes and Wine”
3rd     – Alice Winslow, “Winter’s Solitude” 
HM    – Dale Mauer, “The Water Hole”

1st    – Jon L. Bunch, “Snowshine”
2nd     – Tara Bay, “Yosemite Wilderness Bliss”
3rd      – Pam Brekas, “Molokai Diptych” 
HM  – Jon Bunch, “The Frozen Knot”
Water Color
1st    – Ronnie Rector, “Crossing the Truckee”
2nd     – Ronnie Rector, “Afternoon Tea”
3rd     – Karen Kreyeski, “Earth Clock with South African Penguins”
HM   – Ruthann Wagner, “Early Winter Dusting”
1st    – Bonita Paulis, “Broken Fences – Hope Valley”
2nd     – Bonita Paulis, “Reflecting River – Hope Valley”
3rd      – Bonita Paulis, “Evening by the River”
HM    – Alice Norton, “Mendocino Coast”

Dry Media
1st    – Tara Clements, “Vaeda’s Journey”
2nd     – Alice Norton, “Raccoon on Stump”
3rd      – Bradley Catmull, “Ocelot”
HM   – Bob Hickox, “It has to be Shasta”

3-D Art
1st    – Ralph Hacker, “Nautilus”
2nd     – Janice Stowers, “Mask on Basketweave”
3rd      – Gary Raines, “Palm Wood Vase”
HM   – Malakye Brookes, “Blue Dragon”
HM  – Denny Froberg, “Spindrifts”
1st     – Kathy Port, “Setting Boundaries”
2nd      – Kim Hunter Steed, “Winter Wonderland”
3rd      – Marie Nygren, “Pelican Swimming”
HM   – Kim Hunter Steed, “Finely Feathered”
HM   – Richard Carr, “Outside the Gate”
Mixed Media
1st     – Karen Keyeski, “Conversations”
2nd      – Pam Brekas, “Fanciful”
3rd       – Audrey Markowitz, “Radiance”
HM   – Lydia Fife, “Boss”