2022 Spirit of America Show

June 18, 2022

Spirit of America Award – “Who’s on First” by Lori Mogab

1st – “Band of Brothers” by John Warden
2nd – “Barn Owl Hug” by Donald Swezey
3rd – “Dewdrops on Cobwebs” by Pam Brekas
HM – “Red Creek Cabin” by Kim Hunter Steed
HM – “Cowbird” by Kim Hunter Steed

Digital Art
1st – “Snowy Egret” by Sandra Swan
2nd – “Fractal Mandala” by Catherine King
3rd – “Purple Sunset on the Stagecoach” by Constance Peters

Dry Media
1st – “Forgotten Gate” by Lorraine Foster
2nd – “The Last Warrior” by Lorraine Foster
3rd – “We Fight for Love” by Maggie Uzzell

Water Media
1st – “The Lone Egret” by Ruthann Wagner
2nd – “Cheyenne Grandmother” by Milton Matlean
3rd – “La Danse” by Ronnie Rector
HM – “Blue Stallion” by Sandra Swan
HM – “Wild and Free” by Irene Taylor

1st -“Autumn Sunset” by Bonita Paulis
2nd -“Wash Day” by Bonita Paulis
3rd – “We Deliver” by Linda Townsend

1st – “The Loner” by Tracey Goff
2nd – “Enchanting Mountain” by Bonita Paulis
3rd – “Desert Prospectors” by Mike Bond
HM – “View from Turtle Rock” by Teri Sweeney
HM – “Get Back in Your Car” by Teri Sweeney

1st – “An Early Winter” by Milton Matlean

Mixed Media
1st– “Canvasback Duck” by Sandra Swan
2nd– “Homeless Veteran” by Rosalie More
3rd – “It All Has Changed” by Pam Brekas
HM – “Earth” by Liza Obukhovskaya

1st – “View Valley” by Liza Obukhovskaya
2nd – “Homage to Native Americans” by Ralph Hacker
3rd – “Underwater Fantasy” by Patricia Casagrande
HM – “Red Forest” by Liza Obukhovskaya