2022 Summer Show

Best of Show Award – “Amongst the Wildflowers” oil by Chad Scofield

1st – “Spires Upon Spires” – Dick Carr
2nd – “The Train Yard – Portola” by Catherine King
3rd – “Prague Castle & Charles Bridge at Night” by Dick Carr
HM – “Reluctant Portrait” by Don Swezey
HM – “V & T Hendy Gold Stamp Mill VC” by John Warden Jr
HM – “My Pier” by Jean Grinolds

Digital Art
1st – “Marina in a Bottle” by Rosalie More
2nd – “Modern Art Train #4” by Catherine King

Dry Media
1st – “Memories in Wood” by Lorraine Foster
2nd – “Patterns of our Lives” by Audrey
3rd – “Tangled Feather” by Kim VanZyll

Water Media
1st – “Out of Luck” by Ronnie Rector|
2nd – “Cogburn” by Tracey Goff
3rd – “Water’s Edge” by Colleen Reynolds
HM – “Pandemic Relief #1” by Cynthia Brenneman
HM – “Great Blue Heron” by Colleen Reynolds
HM –  “Taking a Rest” by Diane Sewell

Mixed Media
1st– “Blue Floral” by Sandra Swan

1st -“Morning Sun and Sand” by Bonita Paulis
2nd -“Sunset Over the Ocean” by Linda Townsend
3rd – “Spring Waterfalls” by Linda Townsend

1st – “Montane Meadow” by Bonita Paulis
2nd – “Virginia Range Sunrise” by Tracey Goff
3rd – “Autumn Shades” by Bonita Paulis
HM – “Yellowstone Elk” by Mike Bond
HM – “Safe Waters” by Chad Scofield
HM – “Modern Sunflowers” by Renae Rodriguez

1st – “Big Horn Sheep on Turkey Feathers” by Brenda Mauk
2nd – “Strength” by Jamie Johnston
3rd – “Pyrhn-Priel Austria” by Gary Wilson
HM – “Enchanted” by Jamie Johnston
HM – “Westport-Ireland” by Gary Wilson

3-D Art
1st – “Bio – Form #3” by Ralph Hacker
2nd – “Mendocino Memories” by Carey Orwig
3rd – “Falling Leaves” by Kristy Dial
HM – “Marbled Black Leather Books” by Pietro Accardi
HM – “Vision of Mars” by Robin McGregor

1st – “Summer” by Liza Obukhovskaya